Friday, 30 August 2013

Siblings and Secrets - Jealousy and Men

Siblings and Secrets is a book about a family of five, it explores their inner feelings and the jealousy that comes between them. Each of the members have their own secret, it is a secret that only they can bear but as the book evolves somebody else becomes involved. And this somebody brings tragedy and one by one the secrets that have been hidden away for years begin to unfold, but instead of tearing the family apart their love for each other doesn't shatter and their family bond brings them closer together.  

Yet again somebody has given another 5* review with Amazon. Here are some of the things that you have said.

Great read, a real page turner, could not put it down. Would highly recommend it!!

Cannot wait for the next book!"

"very good read
Very well written and really enjoyed it cannot wait for next book to come out, the story line was very good."

"Well crafted family drama with surprising twists
An interesting new novel which tells the story of brothers and sisters who visit Hollywood to see a brother who has become a major film star. It is part family drama and part thriller with a strong plot which kept me guessing. From my male perspective, it sometimes dwells over long on glamorous descriptions ( although female readers may disagree ) but nevertheless, I really enjoyed it and will look forward to the next book by E. Gibbs."

"Brilliant read
This story keeps you gripped to the end,family drama at its best
Could not put it down. Congratulations"

"excellent Book
I cannot wait for the next book by E Gibbs. I really enjoyed this.
I did not like the cover it was a bit off putting, but the reading EXCELLENT"

And so the list goes on...When will you take a peep???

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