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Siblings and Secrets - Jealousy and Men

Siblings and Secrets is a book about a family of five, it explores their inner feelings and the jealousy that comes between them. Each of the members have their own secret, it is a secret that only they can bear but as the book evolves somebody else becomes involved. And this somebody brings tragedy and one by one the secrets that have been hidden away for years begin to unfold, but instead of tearing the family apart their love for each other doesn't shatter and their family bond brings them closer together.  

Yet again somebody has given another 5* review with Amazon. Here are some of the things that you have said.

Great read, a real page turner, could not put it down. Would highly recommend it!!

Cannot wait for the next book!"

"very good read
Very well written and really enjoyed it cannot wait for next book to come out, the story line was very good."

"Well crafted family drama with surprising twists
An interesting new novel which tells the story of brothers and sisters who visit Hollywood to see a brother who has become a major film star. It is part family drama and part thriller with a strong plot which kept me guessing. From my male perspective, it sometimes dwells over long on glamorous descriptions ( although female readers may disagree ) but nevertheless, I really enjoyed it and will look forward to the next book by E. Gibbs."

"Brilliant read
This story keeps you gripped to the end,family drama at its best
Could not put it down. Congratulations"

"excellent Book
I cannot wait for the next book by E Gibbs. I really enjoyed this.
I did not like the cover it was a bit off putting, but the reading EXCELLENT"

And so the list goes on...When will you take a peep???

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Happy reading!!

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White Heaven Women - by Jessie B Tyson


What if you discovered you had lived another life—a past life?

Many people believe that we have all been here on earth before, with a different name, different life. Some live their current lives believing they'll be reincarnated after death. This past life theme is prevalent in movies, television ad novels, including the new supernatural suspense White Heaven Women by British author Jessie B. Tyson.

White Heaven Women is a gripping tale set Whitehaven, Cumbria, UK. Flashing between 1899/early 1900s to 2000, readers are introduced to two sisters, Beth and Sarah, and the fate that awaits them.

Separated by Death, Reunited by Fate…

In the year 1899, in Whitehaven, Cumbria, UK, Lady Constance Witherspoon, only 14 years of age, gives birth to twin girls during a tumultuous storm. Lady Elisa (Beth) is born with a diagnosis of demonic possession, while her twin, Lady Sarah, is crushed and killed when the ceiling collapses in the storm.

In the year 2000, Sally Witherspane returns home to Whitehaven and is haunted by relentless nightmares about demons and a baby crushed at birth. To discover the meaning of these dreams, she seeks the help of the local psychic, who instructs Sally to attend a past life meeting. It is there that Sally meets Beth Witherspoon.

Persuaded by a ghostly blue apparition, Sally documents a family history filled with deception, abuse and an ancient evil, and she must summon strength and faith to become the woman she is destined to be, one of the last descendants of the White Heaven Women.


"White Heaven Women is a very welcome addition to my growing list of beloved books.  Debut author, Jessie B. Tyson makes the reader feel the emotions that the characters were expressing. I found myself shivering a couple of times, and I was even afraid to fall asleep, for fear of having nightmares, which was how the story of White Heaven Women began...

Kudos to Jessie Tyson for a haunting yet satisfyingly delightful story. I loved the ending, too! You are a great storyteller, your knowledge of supernatural elements in the story were a good concept and it thrilled me to know that it was based on a true-to-life experience. And thank you for taking me to Cumbria, surely it is a magical place; a place I would love to go to in the future. Bravo Jessie, for a compelling debut novel!" — Amazon reviewerArianne St.clare

"Suspense, paranormal, life, death, love and hate all woven together with such powerfulness, so real, so fragile yet gripping enough to keep you on the edge." —Peggy Grigowski, author of A Glimpse of What If

White Heaven Women is available in Kindle, Nook, Kobo & MOST e-reading apps from Amazon, Smashwords and Createspace. A paperback edition is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retailers.

ISBN/EAN13:  1926997794 / 9781926997797 Page count:- 194

Jessie B. Tyson was born, raised and educated in Cumbria, UK, but lives in British Columbia, Canada. White Heaven Women is her debut novel set in North England. and

Traditionally published by Imajin Books in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Imajin Books: Email:

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Siblings and Secrets - Roxy

Let's go back to Siblings and Secrets I've introduced you to the characters and you've read an excerpt of when Lucy met Mike. There's something about Michael that Boris doesn't like or it could be that he doesn't like him getting too friendly with his baby sister, Lucy. And what do you think about poor Wendy MacMillan? She's had a tough life, hopefully it may get a little easier for her, especially when she learns how to dress and act like a lady!

Now I think it's time to talk about Roxy. She's flamboyant and theatrical and loves to be the centre of attention. She's self assured and full of confidence and dresses in such a way that she leaves little to the imagination. Men love her flirtatious moves and flock round her like bees to a honey pot! Roxy lives in Malibu, she says she lives there to be near her brother Boris, but everybody knows she relishes the lifestyle that Boris has become accustomed to and Lucy knows she's only there in the hope of finding husband number four.

Deep down Lucy envies her sister and wishes that she could be more like her, but when Roxy meets Mike, Lucy begins to resent her continual interference and believes there is something going on, especially when Mike constantly bows down to her every whim.

From the very first day that Roxy arrives it's evident that she drinks far too much and is more than a little depressed. Boris begins to worry and asks Lucy to take her out for a girlie evening so they could chat and unwind and then Lucy would see if she could help her....

This is a little part of the chapter called 'Baby Sitting!' after Roxy had stormed out of the restaurant...

        'Roxy was depressed and feeling extremely sorry for herself, so without thinking of the consequences she wiped her eyes and shook her hair and walked into the bar as bold as brass. She knew what she wanted and more to the point she knew what she needed and she wasn’t afraid in asking for it. So she marched up to the bar and said in a very loud voice “can anybody give a girl what she needs?” Everybody looked up at her and most people looked away again, except for one person, a guy in the corner, he was casually dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and he ambled over to her. He eyed her short skirt in an approving manner and sidled up to her, running his hand across her buttocks as he did. 
“Depends on what you have in mind” he said. Roxy gave a coy smile and offered him her arm which he gracefully accepted and walked her outside to his waiting car.
They drove in silence to a shabby motel, where he got out of the car and left Roxy alone while he went into the reception and spoke quietly to the man behind the desk, who quickly nodded and gave him a key in exchange for some dollars. He came back to the car and quietly drove them to room 203 where he unlocked the door and led Roxy in. She sat on the bed and watched while he took from his pocket a plastic bag full of white powder and using his credit card he cut two lines one for him and one for her.'

Please feel free to leave a comment. I'd love to know what you think.

Monday, 22 July 2013

How to Write Your First Novel and Work and Run a Family all at the Same time

This article is all about time management and how to run a successful family and make time for a second career or write a debut novel.

I work full time, I run a family home, I'm an owner of two very demanding dogs, I have an award winning garden (gold medal for Bexley in Bloom!) and have just published my first novel! Wow! I hear you gasp where do I get the time...

...Well the truth of the matter is I have to consciously make the time, otherwise I'd be constantly chasing my tail (and that happens more often than not!)

Juggling Work and Family
Firstly I have to set myself targets, for example: today I'm going to hoe the vegetable patch and write 1500 words on my new novel. Tomorrow I will weed the alpine bed and will write a new blog and on the 3rd day I shall take Bill (the pug) to have his nails clipped and write a further 1000 words and so the week goes on.

I'm lucky in the fact that my job as a civil servant, allows me to be home by 3.45pm at the latest, my husband and sons are home from about 6pm. Which gives me at least two hours and fifteen minutes to take the dogs out and cook the dinner and once that's done my time is my own. The only trouble is when I get round the field and meet up with my dog walking friends, that two hours is easily swallowed up and then I turn into some sort of superwoman, or more to the point an irate, frustrated, grumpy old woman, who's moaning because there's not enough hours in the day!

Mostly in the mornings before work I have prepared dinner or at least taken the meat out of the freezer so I know what I'm cooking. So when I'm late back from my dog walking exercise it's just a matter of peeling some spuds and turning the oven on. And as for the gardening I have been known to go out at dusk and weed by candle light - don't mock, it's very relaxing, except for the midges that tend to come out in force and eat you alive, (so be sure to smother yourself in insect repellent before you go out at night).

Weekends and Writing 
Saturday mornings are dedicated to the housework, this is when you see me in my pj's and running around like a headless chicken, mostly my husband is working, but on the rare occasions that he isn't, he will lend a hand (although to be truthful, his hand is often a hindrance more than a help. But he is good at cleaning the oven!) However on a typical Saturday when he's at work and my sons are sleeping off the Friday night experience, I have my own routine, where I start downstairs, normally in the kitchen, that way the floor can dry properly by the time the family begins to stir. But there is also an underlying plan to me starting downstairs and that is, when I get the hover out and start vacuuming, the noise that's heard upstairs to my sleeping boys, is a muffled drone. So without them realizing they are beginning to wake up, which means by the time I get the hover onto the landing they've already woken up naturally (and my kitchen floor is dry so they can make their own breakfast - they are in their twenties!) The rest of Saturday is spent writing or gardening. Bliss!

Sundays are spent with hubby relaxing or visiting family and friends, but still walking the dogs and doing the garden and perhaps writing a few hundred more words.

Writing Concentration
So now the dogs have been walked and we've eaten our dinner. It's my husbands job to clear the dishes and load the dish washer (he has a knack of squashing everything in so they all come out clean). And while he's doing that I pop out to the garden and tidy up a flower bed and then my son asks my if I could just iron his shirt, or my elderly neighbour asks if I could pop to the shops, or my mother asks me to look something up on the internet, or my friend phones for a very long chat! But eventually it's my time to sit with my laptop and write, I need to do those 1500 words but Coronation Street is about to start, this is where I have to be brutal. I've tried writing and watching the telly but to be honest it doesn't work. I've also tried writing after Corrie, but something else comes on that you want to watch and then I've said I'll do double tomorrow but that doesn't materialize either. So the only thing you can do is to turn the TV off (or go into a separate room) and knuckle down to the fifteen hundred words. Or better still keep to your agenda, if you're late back from taking the dogs out, cut out the gardening, you can do that at the weekend! The most important thing is not to feel rushed. Learn to say NO and doubly important learn to ask for help. Tell your hubby or your sons "I'm late today could you please help me by peeling the potatoes or watering the plants in the greenhouse". If you explain you will be less likely to get into a bad mood and cause an argument and then nothing will get done.

So the bottom line of it all is to set yourselves targets, plan what you want to do and when you will do it and don't be afraid of asking for help or simply saying "No I'm sorry, but I haven't got the time".

I came across a good article by Nick Thacker '7 hacks to get you writing faster' take a look it's well worth reading he gives some great tips.   

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Siblings and Secrets now available in Paper Back

You can now buy Siblings and Secrets in paper back from and as a special thank you if you buy now you can benefit from a 25% discount.

Click here to buy your copy now - Siblings and Secrets by E.Gibbs

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

What can we write when we have nothing to write about?

We've all done it, it could be a short story, or a post on your blog, we know we should write but what can we write about? The first thing we do is get out our pen and paper or fire up our laptop and then we sit and stare at the screen and think. And when nothing comes into our head we think again. By now its four o'clock in the afternoon, we realize that we've sat there for five hours and the screen is still empty. We know we need some form of inspiration, but how can we get inspired? In the end you close up your laptop and throw your paper away and then take the dogs out and cook the dinner. And when we've done all of that, it will be time to watch Coronation Street and after that we'll be too tired and we'll think 'oh well there's always tomorrow'.

The thing is, inspiration is all around us - let's analyse our day sitting at the computer, staring at the empty screen. Firstly we got up out of bed and probably made a cup of tea or coffee, I like black coffee first thing in the morning and while the kettle is boiling I'll open the back door and take a stroll up the garden path. My two little dogs join me and sniff around the plants before they empty their bladder and chase the early morning birds that are pecking the grass for their breakfast worms. Could this be inspiration? Could it be these birds are starving and will do anything for their next meal and what about the dogs? The rich and wealthy who threaten the poor and chase them away. 

Next I go for my shower, could this be a torrential downpour that our starving family have to overcome? Or perhaps they're in a boat, sailing away to a better life. I pour myself a bowl of muesli and flood it with the milk, the oats and dried fruits float to the surface, perhaps our family have been washed overboard or clinging to a wooden raft. Now I'll fire up the laptop, fire being the operative word and while I'm sitting staring at the empty screen a fly hovers above. (Helicopter, rescue!) and soon it's lunch time and my belly gives a rumble. Our starving family have been saved and are now busy eating their first proper meal in over a week. The phone interrupts my thinking, 'PPI'! Could this mean that from years ago somebody has left our family an inheritance? Yes of course, they're not poor and starving now and this time when I close down the lid of my computer I'm assured that my story has been saved.

So what can we write when we have nothing to write about - probably the same as what I've written here!  

Inspiration is all around us and it comes in many forms!     

Saturday, 13 July 2013

My husband and I and the reason why!

It's Saturday morning and for the first time in ages my hubby has taken the day off work. Well that is apart from the other week when he took the whole week off to look after me. But I had, just come out of hospital! He's a good honest, reliable type of bloke and so laid back that we're frightened he'll fall over. He's taken the day off to re-grout the bathroom floor and while I'm sitting in the garden writing this blog I can hear him scraping and banging from the open windows. Every now and then he'll appear outside and sit in the shade with a cool glass of water, he'll talk to me about what he's doing and I'll give the appropriate nods while I pretend to listen. Don't sigh, he does the same to me when he's watching the television!

We've been married for 31 years and I can honestly say he's my best friend (and ... I'll whisper in case my sons hear (he's my lover) sorry boys). Some people think he spoils me...well he does, that's true, but then he also gets spoilt! And then there's the other people, the people who wonder why he puts up with me - well let me explain.

They say opposites attract and I believe in that. He is the complete opposite to me. I'm very confident and game for a laugh, I carry out dares and do silly things. I play practical jokes and laugh at myself. I'm flighty and carefree and never think about my age. I'm easily led, but I'm also an instigator and I do everything on the spur of the moment. I believe in little quotes like 'where there's a will, there's a way' and 'the power of positive thinking'. And I'll talk and chat to almost anybody and very quickly I'll treat them like my best friend. I'm trust worthy and trusting, but I open my mouth before I think. I'm argumentative and stubborn. I'm a drinker and a fighter. I'm indecisive but I'm a perfectionist. I'm rebellious and I'm always right!

And hubby is none of the above, he ignores all of these traits, but he watches over me and when I get myself into trouble, he picks me up and then dusts me down. He lends me his shoulder and gives me a cuddle. He reserves judgement and rarely argues. He makes the decisions but he also gives in. He doesn't drink and he's not in a million years a perfectionist. So the reason why he puts up with me, is simply because without me, there would be no him and without him, there would definitely be no me!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Siblings and Secrets - Wendy Sara MacMillan

Let's go back to the characters in Siblings and Secrets.

Wendy Sara MacMillan has had a hard and lonely life. She lived with her mother in a trailer park in Los Angeles. Her mother was a drunk and only ever had time for the bottle, so consequently Wendy never experienced the love and affection that other children had taken for granted. She spent most of her childhood locked in the security of her wardrobe, in fact this quickly became her only place of solace. She studied hard at school and thrived to get good grades but unfortunately due to the lack of money she had to leave her education early to get a job and pay her way.
Wendy was fortunate to land herself the role of kitchen staff in a local diner, where she washed up and cleaned the restaurant, but very soon she graduated and prepared the salads and vegetables for the head chef. But even as her adult life started to span out, she kept herself to herself and when she finished work she would rush home, past the neighbourhood gangs, who would taunt her and call her names, back to the salvation of her trailer, where she would lock herself in her wardrobe and with the help of a torch she would read through the daily newspapers that she had bought early in the morning and dream of love and happiness with her special man.

Unfortunately her dream was never going to materialize and below is an extract of the day she got attacked and the day her life was never going to be the same again.

(Please excuse the language. It's not all like that - honest!)

    'Wendy’s neighbourhood was notorious for gang related fights, stabbings and shootings. She was used to the sound of gun shots and the sight of gangs fighting with whatever weapons they could get hold of and most of the time she didn't even flinch, but somehow this evening was different. As she neared the trailer park she heard a lot of shouting and guns being fired and as she turned the corner she saw about forty youths of different gangs yielding baseball bats, knives, samurai swords and guns at each other. She lowered her head even further and sidled along the furthest wall trying not to be seen, or to see them. But suddenly she heard a voice behind her, shouting at her and calling her vile names.
“Oi, weirdo” she heard. “Your mothers’ a whore, she sucks cocks in hell” he taunted. Wendy heard him getting closer behind her so she quickened her pace. And then suddenly and without any warning he grabbed her hair and yanked her head so hard she thought he would break her neck. He held her close. One hand grasped her pony tail so tight, he was pulling clumps of hair out and the other hand was gripped around her throat and was holding her mouth firmly so she couldn't speak, scream or even breathe. Wendy could feel his body pressing hard against her back and felt his alcohol fuelled breath being exhaled over her neck. She tried desperately to punch and kick behind her but he held her in such a way she couldn't reach him.
“You’re a fucking weirdo, you’re gonna get it” he whispered sinisterly in her right ear. He started dragging her backwards and with her arms flaying widely in the air she dug her heels in to try and stop him from taking her, but she wasn't any match against his drug induced strength and soon he had dragged her into the side alley where they were completely alone. He spun her around and held her face against his enabling her to smell his breath and feel his stubble scratching her feminine skin. She looked into his bulging eyes and saw how they were vacant and void of any emotion, his black irises were as wide as saucers allowing her to almost see the total amount of crystal meth he had consumed.
“You’re gonna be my whore. Bitch” he hissed and she felt his saliva spray across her cheek. Wendy felt her pulse rate begin to quicken and she heard the throbbing of her heart as it started to beat faster and faster and then the terror that she was feeling instigated her whole body to shake involuntary. She thought she was going to vomit and then she thought she was going to faint but above all she thought she was going to die.
“Please don’t hurt me” she begged as he shoved his hand roughly up her jumper and under the wire of her bra, his probing fingers were grappling and groping across her bosom looking for her tender centre piece and once he had found what he was searching for he gripped it so hard she was sure he had punctured the silicon. Suddenly and unexpectedly he let go of her hair and with full force he punched her square on her face. Her head was flung backwards with the force and she felt herself blacking out as blood gushed from her nose. He then pushed her head down towards his groin and snarled viciously at her.
“Go on suck it. Bitch” and with one hand he released the restraint of his fly to fully expose his engorged penis and with the other he pushed her onto her knees and thrust himself towards her. Frantically she tried to resist by pushing and punching him but driven by his sexual greed he held her head firmly and drove his manhood into her mouth and down into her throat which made her gag and struggle to breathe. The grit of the pavement dug into her bare knees and the blood from her nose dripped down her neck and chest, her clean white bandage was now soaked and dirty with fresh warm blood. She couldn't let this happen – she had to stop it – after all she was saving herself for her ‘special’ man.
For one second Wendy succumbed and eagerly took his penis in her mouth and at that second she clamped down hard with her teeth until she could taste the salty blood as it soaked into her mouth making her choke and vomit. With a scream he pushed her away and kicked her in her stomach, she reeled in agony while he rummaged in his pocket and with blood dripping uncontrollably from his now flaccid penis he produced a gun and pointed it directly at her head. He kicked her again and again until she lay motionless and started slipping in and out of consciousness. “Its gotta stop”…“Its gotta stop” she heard herself say. And as his foot came up to kick her one last time she heaved herself forward and with every last ounce of strength in her body she grabbed hold of it and yanked it hard. Almost immediately he fell to the ground and dropped the gun and she launched herself upon it and without any conscious she pointed it at his head and then pulled the trigger. The single bullet pierced through his left eye and burst through his skull splattering Wendy with blood and brains and in one tiny moment it was quiet and he was dead.'

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Fox in the Garden

Okay don't get me wrong I've got nothing against the family of foxes who live nearby. In fact last year I ended up rescuing, not one, but two of Mrs Fox's babies. (She really ought to keep a more careful eye on them). The story of the first one goes like this.

It was in the morning, approximately 10 a.m. I was  off work, on annual leave, I was having a bit of me time (you know how it is). Everybody else had gone to work and I was minding my own business. I had waxed, plucked and filed my nails and now I had smothered myself in Dead Sea salt and was in the shower rinsing it off. Heaven you might was until my two little pugs started barking! Now close your eyes and imagine the hot water cascading over your body, the heavenly smell of the oils of the exquisite shower creme and the smooth, silky feel of your skin as the salts are rinsed away and the shrill yap, yap, yap of Lucy and the deep woof, woof, woof of Bill as they told me something, or somebody was in my garden! After several minutes and my head about to explode, I left my heaven and dripping wet, I poked my head out of the bathroom window.
"Will you be quiet!" I screamed. They ignored me!
I slammed the window closed and taking my dressing gown I stomped downstairs. "Lucy...Bill" I shouted as I appeared at the kitchen door. Bill immediately stopped barking (he would. he probably didn't know what he was barking at in the first place) but Lucy was defiant. She was running up and down the garden shed! Yap, yap, yap. 
I don't know if any of you remember 'Skippy The bush Kangaroo', but I kid you not, this could have been an episode out of it. 
"What is it?" I asked, even though I know she only speaks dog language. But my clever pug answered me by running to the back of the shed and there she yapped some more. "Who's there" I shouted as I gripped my robe tightly round my perfectly clean body. I clambered over the wood my husband keeps, (to save him from taking it down the tip,) scratching and dirtying my pampered legs and nervously I peered between the wall and the shed. My heart melted when I saw Mrs Fox's young cub. He was stuck. The ladders (another of my husbands things) had fallen, trapping this tiny  baby. He screamed as he saw me (I'm not that bad, honestly). "Don't cry little baby" I soothed as I frantically moved the wood. The next hurdle was the water butt. I opened the tap and the stagnant dirty water gushed over my bare feet, but I was on a mission, I felt no pain as I heaved the butt out of the way and trod on a very sharp stone. 
At last I had reached the ladders. Baby fox squealed and hid his face. 
"Won't be long" I hushed as I sized up the ladders, 15 foot of cold steel wasn't going to deter me and with one deep breath and an almighty surge of strength I hauled the ladders into the air and baby fox scrambled over the wall, free at last. And did I get any thanks? No chance.

The second baby wasn't so lucky she was a little older than the first. This time it was late, one afternoon when I came home from work. It was a glorious afternoon and I unlocked the back door and wandered aimlessly down the garden towards my alpine house (which is, in actual fact just a greenhouse with the door left open!) Imagine my shock and horror when I saw Mrs Fox's teenage daughter. She was curled up on my plants and had obviously been crying. 
"Hello little girl," she eyed me suspiciously. "what are you doing in here?" I asked. I tiptoed closer and she cowered away and then she tried to move and that's when I saw the large patch of bloodied skin. I wanted to scream and hug her, but with the recent news of the attacking foxes I held myself back! And hurried out of the glasshouse, making sure I closed the door behind me. She needed help, professional help. What should I do? Or more's the point, what could I do? I retrieved my phone and dialled the RSPCA, who immediately put me on to a local fox help line. I told them of my ordeal and gave them my address, they said they would hurry.
However today was the day that the motorway had been closed due to an accident, traffic was horrendous. And as the time passed I began thinking about the teenage daughter locked in my greenhouse, I took some water and a large bowl of the finest dog food, but deep down I knew it could be her last supper, but I persevered and put it close to her and coaxed her to eat and drink. Four hours later the lady from the fox help line arrived. "Oh dear" she uttered when she saw the poor fox. Quickly she caught her in a net and as she put her in a cage, we saw the open wound on her underbelly and smelt the smell of dying flesh. "She needs a vet. I'll phone you and let you know what happens" and as quick as that she left me with the flies and the maggots swarming my greenhouse.
That night I prayed for the little lady, but the next day my suspicions were confirmed. "I'm sorry..." she said and my eyes filled with tears "there was nothing we could do". I cried for most of the morning.

So as you can see I really haven't got anything against the little family of foxes...EXCEPT when they pinch my good gardening gloves!!! 

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Siblings and Secrets When Lucy meets Mike

I'd like to say a big thank you to everybody who has sent me well wishes and to my family and friends who have sent me beautiful flowers and chocolates- hubby had to buy more vases!! 
I came out of hospital a couple of weeks ago after having major surgery, so my convalescent period at home has been spent trying to promote my book and obviously writing this blog. Below is an extract when Lucy meets Mike for the very first time let me know what you think. 

Siblings and Secrets
 “Lovely evening isn’t it?”
Lucy jumped and with her heart beating so fast she swung around to face the voice “who the hell are you?” she screamed “and what are you doing hiding in the bushes?” she stepped back and stood up right to make herself look tall and non afraid. Automatically her self defences had risen and she felt extremely nervous and uneasy…after all a man should know better then to jump out and scare a lady half to death!
“I could ask you the same question but I’m guessing you must be Lucy.”
“Yes, how do you know?” she said sounding almost aggressive.
“Because ma’am, you’re exactly how I imagined…beautiful…anybody can see that…you’ve definitely got the looks of the family” he crooned.
“Who are you? And what are doing in the bushes?” her voice had softened slightly. 
“Sorry let me introduce myself” he held out his hand to her which she gingerly accepted and shook it graciously.
“I’m Mike, Michael Coleman, I work for your brother, I’m the head gardener and I’m trying to get this sprinkler to work so it can water this damn grass. It’s set to come on at nine every evening but for some reason it don’t want to work”.
Michael loved working for Boris, he looked after him well. He was an extremely generous boss and allowed him to attend all the parties where he could meet the rich, the famous and the beautiful people and he even gave him his own personal chauffeur. Mike was able to drink and eat exactly what he wanted and go to places that he had only ever dreamed of and the best part was that it was all free. Michael never had to pay for anything and Boris still gave him a very handsome salary.
Mike was tall and lean but very muscly from good, honest hard work. He had thick jet black hair which was styled short at the back and sides and left much longer and very dishevelled on top. He had lots of black stubble, not designer, it was just unshaven. His eyes were dark and had a naughty twinkle. He had thin yet perfectly proportioned lips and dark olive skin that was beginning to weather through working in the sun too long, but that just added to his charm. He wore stone washed jeans that were slightly worn and a bit too big together with a snug fitting white T-shirt that had gone through the wash but hadn’t got all the stains out. His hands were large with the odd callous and stubby fingers with dirty nails. He was a little unkempt in his appearance but he had a dominance about him that made you feel safe and secure. He was rugged and masculine and very good looking and Lucy couldn’t tear her eyes away from him, but at the same time she felt a little unsure of him.
“I bet he’s broken a few girls’ hearts” she found herself thinking.
“I dunno about you but I could murder a beer, do you fancy one? I know a nice little bar it’s just down the road” he said with a naughty twinkle in his eye.
“N…no. I’m sorry. But we only arrived this afternoon and I’m shattered and besides I need a shower” she said and wondered why she had mentioned the shower. She hoped he didn’t think she was dirty or smelly so quickly she added “it’s not that I need a shower it’s just that I could do with freshening up…because I…we’ve been travelling all day and you know what it’s like you get hot and sticky” She felt herself squirming and wished she hadn’t said anything but Mike ignored her humiliation and grinned at her.
“I know exactly what it’s like and a nice cold beer would definitely cool you down.”
“Yes I know but I’m just too tired” she said as a matter of fact “and anyway I don’t even know you” she added. She didn’t want him to think she was easy or anything like that yet in a funny sort of way she wanted to go. She found him compelling and exciting, she wanted to study him and watch him, he was thrilling and sexy and naughty and nice.
“That’s you English, always putting your guard up, come on I’ll walk you back to the house and you can ask me anything you want and I’ll try and answer” he mocked.
Lucy walked just half a pace behind him, indiscreetly she was trying to slow him down as she wanted this walk to take as long as possible but she didn’t really understand why she felt like that. They walked in silence, until suddenly he broke it and prompted her by saying “well you ain’t asked me any questions yet.” But Lucy was shy so she wracked her brains to think of something to say.
“Come on Lucy you must talk, think of something, anything, just say something” she said to herself. “Erm do you get snakes and spiders out here?” she felt a fool why had she asked such a stupid question? Why couldn’t she have asked something about him she didn’t need to know about nature not at this particular time anyway.
“Yeah we get rattle snakes and tarantulas and quite a few others but you don’t have to worry too much about them, they generally stay out of these cultured gardens, not like the deserts where they naturally live. They’re not the problem though…if you don’t like them you can step over them… not like the killer bees” he teased.
“What...Where do they live?” she said sounded slightly worried.
“Up in them trees and that’s why we don’t prune them back…they chase you”. Instantly she found that she had ducked her head and Mike laughed.
“Are they there now?” she asked looking nervously up at the thick foliage. Michael chuckled.
“I’ll protect you…I won’t let them hurt you…anyway it’s not their season…they’re about earlier in the year”. He winked at her which made her blush and then he took her hand as if he was protecting her and she felt that it was the most natural thing in the world to allow him and was so utterly shocked at this feeling, but she also felt strangely comfortable.
They continued to walk in the direction of the house with Michael doing most of the talking and Lucy being unusually quiet, just nodding in agreement and occasionally giggling at his feeble jokes, when suddenly they were interrupted. The sound of an old fashioned phone bell filled the air and Mike instantly fumbled in his pockets.
“Excuse me while I answer this” he said letting go of Lucy’s hand. He smiled at her as he walked backwards onto the neatly mown lawn and retrieved his phone and pressed the answer button.
“Hello” Lucy heard him say and then he turned his back on her and softened his voice.
Lucy stood still and patiently waited, she pretended to admire the bright orange lily like flowers of the crocosmia and then after a few moments he came back to her.
“Sorry about that, just a bit of business” he said putting his strong arm around her tiny shoulders and leading her forward to rejoin their walk.
He still had his arm around her and she was giggling like a naughty school girl when they approached the patio just past the pool. Boris was sitting at the oak table with a large whiskey and ice in his hand he was busy talking to another man, who also had an equally large whiskey in his hand and as Lucy and Mike approached, the two men fell quiet and Boris looked up in a slightly disapproving manner and in a curt way he said “I see you’ve met Mike.” Lucy felt more than embarrassed and quickly wriggled free from his arm and then started rambling discursively.  
“Oh yeah…yes. He was fixing the sprinkler and I was walking and then I walked past him and then he offered to walk me back because I was frightened. I was scared of the snakes and the tarantulas…oh and the killer bees. They live in the trees”.
“That figures” Boris quipped under his breath and then added in a voice that they could both hear.
“Well you don’t have to be worried…we don’t get them here and anyway it’s the wrong time of the year.” Lucy looked at him suspiciously she could have sworn he had a sneer in his voice but then she couldn’t imagine why, perhaps her and Mike had interrupted something important.
“Got one of those for me?” Mike said pointing at the whiskey and winking at Lucy, who blushed and immediately looked away.
“You know where the glasses are” Boris snapped and with an afterthought he softened his tone and said.
“Do you want one Lucy?” but instead of looking at his sister when he spoke he glared at Mike. Lucy nodded and thanked him and than sat down next to the other man.
“Hi we haven’t been introduced, I’m Dan. I work for your brother…security.” Lucy smiled and shook his hand and then suddenly realized this was the same smartly dressed man as at the airport.
“We were just discussing about taking you and Bill shopping tomorrow, but you know what it’s like…we can’t be too careful not in this day and age.” Lucy nodded as if she understood but she didn’t really know what it was like, however she did understand enough about celebrities and their minders.
Dan was tall and slim and very smartly dressed, he wore dark suit trousers with a white short sleeved, immaculately laundered shirt. He wasn’t wearing a tie now and he had his jacket hanging neatly on the back of his chair. Dan had fair hair it was neatly styled with gel to hold it in place, he was clean shaven with deep blue, kindly looking eyes. He was a man you took an instant liking too, he looked warm natured and considerate, he looked like a man you knew you could trust.
“Excuse me” he said as he reached across Lucy to get his drink and as he did she could smell an expensive aftershave and noticed he had a plain gold band on his wedding finger.
“I thought as much, I bet his wife arranges all his clothes for him and sees him off with his sandwiches and a peck on the cheek. She probably stands at the front door wearing her apron and waving and blowing kisses until he’s out of sight” she thought with a surprised resentment and then shook herself to bring her back to normality and wondered why she had felt this pang of envy.
“I was trying to coax Lucy in coming for a beer with me…what do you think…do you fancy it?” Mike asked Boris. And without any hesitation Boris quickly shut him off.
“No Lucy must be shattered and we’ve got to arrange things for tomorrow” and then he added in a rather sarcastic way.
“If you want another drink you’ll have to go by yourself…you’ll soon meet someone else you can talk to.” Michael ignored his sarcasm and looked at Dan as if to ask him, but Dan shook his head and said “sorry mate” and than cocked his head as if to dismiss him and carried on talking to Boris. Mike knew he was being ignored and sat for a while and Lucy found herself feeling rather sorry for him and a little embarrassed of her brother’s behaviour. She was just on the point of changing her mind and telling him that she would go for a drink when Mike downed his whiskey and slammed the empty glass on the table and stood up.
“Alright. I get the message. I’m off” he said and then as if on purpose to tease Boris he looked over to Lucy and winked at her and then purred.
“I’ll see… yooou later”.
“Yes and er thanks…for the walk I mean” she stumbled. Smiling, he walked off, back past the pool and into the evening and Lucy watched him disappear into the night and said “he seems like a nice bloke.”
“Not really, but he does do a good job” Boris answered nonchalantly.
“Don’t be horrible, what’s wrong with him?” she was annoyed with Boris’ bad manners.

“Nothing he’s okay, just watch yourself with him. He’s a bit of a ladies man that’s all”. Lucy didn’t bother to retort she had guessed as much and anyway he was probably out of her league, but nevertheless she still felt very attracted to him. 

More to come.............................

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Siblings and Secrets Meeting the Characters

My first novel.

As I mentioned earlier my inspiration came from the puppies but don't worry the book isn't about dogs! (Although all the main characters are named after them).

There are five members of the Evans family. Bill's the eldest, he works for his youngest brother, Murphy and lives with Lucy, his baby sister. Roxy is flamboyant and yearns for men and fortune and Boris is a rich and famous actor, he lives in Hollywood and he's hosting an elaborate Halloween celebration. And according to all the papers it will be known as the party of the year!

The story begins as Bill and Lucy fly to Los Angeles and are greeted at the airport by Boris and his entourage. The paparazzi are in full swing taking photos and asking for interviews. Many of the photographs end up in the tabloids the next morning, but one in particular is misinterpreted and ends up in the wrong hands!

As the title suggests, each of the siblings have secrets some are greater then others, but the biggest secret starts to unfold the minute Bill and Lucy meet Boris at the airport - somewhere in the background a plan is hatched!

                                                              image courtesy of Apolonia/

Lucy lacks confidence (especially where men are involved), she's beautiful, but strongly denies it. Maybe it's the Californian sun or maybe it's the opulent surroundings but more likely it's the terrifying ordeal that she has to confront that brings her self assurance to an acceptable level. 

Roxy on the other hand shows herself as confident, flashy and bombastic, but deep down she is a child who is insecure and craving love. She's excited about the party and hopes to meet her next husband there, but she may already have her claws in husband number four!

And then we have Wendy, she's not a family member, although she can dream! 

Sunday, 30 June 2013

About Me

Hi everyone,

My name is Elizabeth Gibbs but I'm more commonly known Liz - so please call me Liz.
I was born in Bromley, Kent, UK and have been happily married for 31 years and have two wonderful boys (men) who I'm extremely proud of.
I currently work as a Driving Examiner (not the most favourable of persons unless you pass your test. Haha) but am hoping to become a fully fledged author.
I've always enjoyed writing short stories and little odes for the family and friends but when I was off work sick (due to broken hand - oops!) a few years ago, I managed to write an actual novel. My inspiration came from my dog having puppies, that March (bear with me, it's not such a crazy idea once you've read the book). This book has become my debut novel which is now available on Amazon Kindle (click here).

I suppose you would like to know more about me - seeing as it is titled "About Me".

So...I enjoy taking my dogs (the pugs - Bill and Lucy. And of course the mum, Quozzie) for long walks across the fields and by the river where not only the dogs are seen paddling but me as well (especially when it's hot!)

My passion is gardening, I'm forever pottering around my little piece of paradise and if you need me at the weekend, I'll be in my office - the greenhouse! I veer away from the norm in my glass house - instead, I prefer tiny rare alpines. It's not because I'm a cheapskate! It's just that the alpines don't need electric heat!
And as for my garden, if you like uniform gardens, you'd hate it! Luckily I don't, it's a mismatch of perennials, shrubs and definitely lots of colour! You can't forget about the veggie patch which isn't my cup of tea but it keeps my husband very busy and me well fed! I also have a little pond which was fully stocked last year with ghost carp and different types of goldfish, unfortunately it doesn't seem to be the case this year (we didn't intend to cater for the Heron - greedy sod!!)

I do appreciate a good book but I don't always get the time to read one (seeing as I'm now writing my own).
Also, I love entertaining. And being a hostess is my forté. What with hubby's homegrown veggies and my old faithful Kenwood Chef, the meals I serve up are second to none! But wait until you see my piece de réstistance - my deserts are to die for!! (and the gin is good as well!)

Well that is enough about me - thank you for taking the time to read.
Have a fantastic Sunday - the sun is shining where I am.