Sunday, 30 June 2013

About Me

Hi everyone,

My name is Elizabeth Gibbs but I'm more commonly known Liz - so please call me Liz.
I was born in Bromley, Kent, UK and have been happily married for 31 years and have two wonderful boys (men) who I'm extremely proud of.
I currently work as a Driving Examiner (not the most favourable of persons unless you pass your test. Haha) but am hoping to become a fully fledged author.
I've always enjoyed writing short stories and little odes for the family and friends but when I was off work sick (due to broken hand - oops!) a few years ago, I managed to write an actual novel. My inspiration came from my dog having puppies, that March (bear with me, it's not such a crazy idea once you've read the book). This book has become my debut novel which is now available on Amazon Kindle (click here).

I suppose you would like to know more about me - seeing as it is titled "About Me".

So...I enjoy taking my dogs (the pugs - Bill and Lucy. And of course the mum, Quozzie) for long walks across the fields and by the river where not only the dogs are seen paddling but me as well (especially when it's hot!)

My passion is gardening, I'm forever pottering around my little piece of paradise and if you need me at the weekend, I'll be in my office - the greenhouse! I veer away from the norm in my glass house - instead, I prefer tiny rare alpines. It's not because I'm a cheapskate! It's just that the alpines don't need electric heat!
And as for my garden, if you like uniform gardens, you'd hate it! Luckily I don't, it's a mismatch of perennials, shrubs and definitely lots of colour! You can't forget about the veggie patch which isn't my cup of tea but it keeps my husband very busy and me well fed! I also have a little pond which was fully stocked last year with ghost carp and different types of goldfish, unfortunately it doesn't seem to be the case this year (we didn't intend to cater for the Heron - greedy sod!!)

I do appreciate a good book but I don't always get the time to read one (seeing as I'm now writing my own).
Also, I love entertaining. And being a hostess is my forté. What with hubby's homegrown veggies and my old faithful Kenwood Chef, the meals I serve up are second to none! But wait until you see my piece de réstistance - my deserts are to die for!! (and the gin is good as well!)

Well that is enough about me - thank you for taking the time to read.
Have a fantastic Sunday - the sun is shining where I am.


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