Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Siblings and Secrets Meeting the Characters

My first novel.

As I mentioned earlier my inspiration came from the puppies but don't worry the book isn't about dogs! (Although all the main characters are named after them).

There are five members of the Evans family. Bill's the eldest, he works for his youngest brother, Murphy and lives with Lucy, his baby sister. Roxy is flamboyant and yearns for men and fortune and Boris is a rich and famous actor, he lives in Hollywood and he's hosting an elaborate Halloween celebration. And according to all the papers it will be known as the party of the year!

The story begins as Bill and Lucy fly to Los Angeles and are greeted at the airport by Boris and his entourage. The paparazzi are in full swing taking photos and asking for interviews. Many of the photographs end up in the tabloids the next morning, but one in particular is misinterpreted and ends up in the wrong hands!

As the title suggests, each of the siblings have secrets some are greater then others, but the biggest secret starts to unfold the minute Bill and Lucy meet Boris at the airport - somewhere in the background a plan is hatched!

                                                              image courtesy of Apolonia/freedigitalphotos.net

Lucy lacks confidence (especially where men are involved), she's beautiful, but strongly denies it. Maybe it's the Californian sun or maybe it's the opulent surroundings but more likely it's the terrifying ordeal that she has to confront that brings her self assurance to an acceptable level. 

Roxy on the other hand shows herself as confident, flashy and bombastic, but deep down she is a child who is insecure and craving love. She's excited about the party and hopes to meet her next husband there, but she may already have her claws in husband number four!

And then we have Wendy, she's not a family member, although she can dream! 

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