Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Siblings and Secrets - Roxy

Let's go back to Siblings and Secrets I've introduced you to the characters and you've read an excerpt of when Lucy met Mike. There's something about Michael that Boris doesn't like or it could be that he doesn't like him getting too friendly with his baby sister, Lucy. And what do you think about poor Wendy MacMillan? She's had a tough life, hopefully it may get a little easier for her, especially when she learns how to dress and act like a lady!

Now I think it's time to talk about Roxy. She's flamboyant and theatrical and loves to be the centre of attention. She's self assured and full of confidence and dresses in such a way that she leaves little to the imagination. Men love her flirtatious moves and flock round her like bees to a honey pot! Roxy lives in Malibu, she says she lives there to be near her brother Boris, but everybody knows she relishes the lifestyle that Boris has become accustomed to and Lucy knows she's only there in the hope of finding husband number four.

Deep down Lucy envies her sister and wishes that she could be more like her, but when Roxy meets Mike, Lucy begins to resent her continual interference and believes there is something going on, especially when Mike constantly bows down to her every whim.

From the very first day that Roxy arrives it's evident that she drinks far too much and is more than a little depressed. Boris begins to worry and asks Lucy to take her out for a girlie evening so they could chat and unwind and then Lucy would see if she could help her....

This is a little part of the chapter called 'Baby Sitting!' after Roxy had stormed out of the restaurant...

        'Roxy was depressed and feeling extremely sorry for herself, so without thinking of the consequences she wiped her eyes and shook her hair and walked into the bar as bold as brass. She knew what she wanted and more to the point she knew what she needed and she wasn’t afraid in asking for it. So she marched up to the bar and said in a very loud voice “can anybody give a girl what she needs?” Everybody looked up at her and most people looked away again, except for one person, a guy in the corner, he was casually dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and he ambled over to her. He eyed her short skirt in an approving manner and sidled up to her, running his hand across her buttocks as he did. 
“Depends on what you have in mind” he said. Roxy gave a coy smile and offered him her arm which he gracefully accepted and walked her outside to his waiting car.
They drove in silence to a shabby motel, where he got out of the car and left Roxy alone while he went into the reception and spoke quietly to the man behind the desk, who quickly nodded and gave him a key in exchange for some dollars. He came back to the car and quietly drove them to room 203 where he unlocked the door and led Roxy in. She sat on the bed and watched while he took from his pocket a plastic bag full of white powder and using his credit card he cut two lines one for him and one for her.'

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