Wednesday, 17 July 2013

What can we write when we have nothing to write about?

We've all done it, it could be a short story, or a post on your blog, we know we should write but what can we write about? The first thing we do is get out our pen and paper or fire up our laptop and then we sit and stare at the screen and think. And when nothing comes into our head we think again. By now its four o'clock in the afternoon, we realize that we've sat there for five hours and the screen is still empty. We know we need some form of inspiration, but how can we get inspired? In the end you close up your laptop and throw your paper away and then take the dogs out and cook the dinner. And when we've done all of that, it will be time to watch Coronation Street and after that we'll be too tired and we'll think 'oh well there's always tomorrow'.

The thing is, inspiration is all around us - let's analyse our day sitting at the computer, staring at the empty screen. Firstly we got up out of bed and probably made a cup of tea or coffee, I like black coffee first thing in the morning and while the kettle is boiling I'll open the back door and take a stroll up the garden path. My two little dogs join me and sniff around the plants before they empty their bladder and chase the early morning birds that are pecking the grass for their breakfast worms. Could this be inspiration? Could it be these birds are starving and will do anything for their next meal and what about the dogs? The rich and wealthy who threaten the poor and chase them away. 

Next I go for my shower, could this be a torrential downpour that our starving family have to overcome? Or perhaps they're in a boat, sailing away to a better life. I pour myself a bowl of muesli and flood it with the milk, the oats and dried fruits float to the surface, perhaps our family have been washed overboard or clinging to a wooden raft. Now I'll fire up the laptop, fire being the operative word and while I'm sitting staring at the empty screen a fly hovers above. (Helicopter, rescue!) and soon it's lunch time and my belly gives a rumble. Our starving family have been saved and are now busy eating their first proper meal in over a week. The phone interrupts my thinking, 'PPI'! Could this mean that from years ago somebody has left our family an inheritance? Yes of course, they're not poor and starving now and this time when I close down the lid of my computer I'm assured that my story has been saved.

So what can we write when we have nothing to write about - probably the same as what I've written here!  

Inspiration is all around us and it comes in many forms!     

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