Saturday, 13 July 2013

My husband and I and the reason why!

It's Saturday morning and for the first time in ages my hubby has taken the day off work. Well that is apart from the other week when he took the whole week off to look after me. But I had, just come out of hospital! He's a good honest, reliable type of bloke and so laid back that we're frightened he'll fall over. He's taken the day off to re-grout the bathroom floor and while I'm sitting in the garden writing this blog I can hear him scraping and banging from the open windows. Every now and then he'll appear outside and sit in the shade with a cool glass of water, he'll talk to me about what he's doing and I'll give the appropriate nods while I pretend to listen. Don't sigh, he does the same to me when he's watching the television!

We've been married for 31 years and I can honestly say he's my best friend (and ... I'll whisper in case my sons hear (he's my lover) sorry boys). Some people think he spoils me...well he does, that's true, but then he also gets spoilt! And then there's the other people, the people who wonder why he puts up with me - well let me explain.

They say opposites attract and I believe in that. He is the complete opposite to me. I'm very confident and game for a laugh, I carry out dares and do silly things. I play practical jokes and laugh at myself. I'm flighty and carefree and never think about my age. I'm easily led, but I'm also an instigator and I do everything on the spur of the moment. I believe in little quotes like 'where there's a will, there's a way' and 'the power of positive thinking'. And I'll talk and chat to almost anybody and very quickly I'll treat them like my best friend. I'm trust worthy and trusting, but I open my mouth before I think. I'm argumentative and stubborn. I'm a drinker and a fighter. I'm indecisive but I'm a perfectionist. I'm rebellious and I'm always right!

And hubby is none of the above, he ignores all of these traits, but he watches over me and when I get myself into trouble, he picks me up and then dusts me down. He lends me his shoulder and gives me a cuddle. He reserves judgement and rarely argues. He makes the decisions but he also gives in. He doesn't drink and he's not in a million years a perfectionist. So the reason why he puts up with me, is simply because without me, there would be no him and without him, there would definitely be no me!